Services Provided to our Clients




  1)  Collect rents, laundry income and late charges.

  2)  Deposit funds in a trust account.

  3)  Disburse all expenses including loan payments, utilities, taxes, insurance premiums,

       monthly vendors and owner withdrawals.

  4)  Organize and oversee the cleaning, painting, and restoring of vacant units.

  5)  Collect and screen all rental applicants.

  6)  Prepare and execute leases.

  7)  Consult with owner on market rent levels and serve tenants rent-raise letters.

  8)  Drive-by and onsite inspections to oversee the monthly vendors.

  9)  Collect bids on all major repair items such as roof, plumbing, and carpet replacement.

       Then submit to owner for authorization. 

10)  Serve 3-Day pay or quit notices.

11)  Serve 30-Day notices to vacate (with owners approval).

12)  Appear in court with attorney for owner for all evictions and order garnishments for all

        recorded judgements.

13)  Prepare a 3 Page monthly report for building performance.

14)  Provide consultation with owner regarding the financial and/or physical condition of

        property, current market value of property, and the tax advantages or disadvantages of

       a sale, and tax deferred exchanges.

15)  Provide a 24 hour emergency hot line to all tenants.